About Us

The Brooklyn Block is an homage to the ever-changing urbanscape of cities and our transient existence within them. Raised in India, Namrata Vansadia and Sanksshep Mahendra moved to Brooklyn in 2008 to study Design and Architecture and experience the world through that lens. The goal is to create products that are thoughtful, exploratory and have a story. 

Neighborhood scarves are the first product from The Brooklyn Block. The idea behind the patterns on the scarf is to visually record cities in an abstract manner. To do this, videos of the neighborhoods are processed in the code to create generative patterns that capture colors, layers, and textures of the neighborhoods. These patterns are printed on scarves thus creating a wearable code based urban art-scape. The Brooklyn Block has been featured in several magazines and blogs including the Fast Company, The Brooklyn Magazine, PSFK, The Atlantic’s City Lab and Design Milk. The past stockists include MoMA Design Store (New York and Tokyo) and Brooklyn Museum Store.